A World-Class Fire and Explosions Hazard Management Service Provider


Established in 2009, Fire-Bow Nigeria Limited is a leading international service provider of Fire And Explosions Hazard Management Consultancy as well as outsourced fire and rescue services.

Serving a wide range of industries in both the private and public sectors, and working on the core principles of prevention, protection and response.

Fire-Bow offer a comprehensive line of fire and rescue services, including: Fire Brigade Management and Training; frontline emergency response; fire safety training; fire risk management; and fixed fire Protection Systems installation and maintenance.

Our Mission

To preserve life, protect assets, prevent incidents and respond immediately.

Our Values

RESPECT is an acronym for our seven core values and provides the framework for the core behaviours that we expect every member of our team to demonstrate on a day-to-day basis. These behaviours support the delivery of our strategic priorities and the continued development of our people, culture, service, performance and partnerships.

Who We Are

Fire-Bow Nigeria Limited is an independent indegenious Nigerian Fire and Explosion Hazard Management consultancy firm, with a suite of team talents and capabilities necessary to propose and implement practical, pragmatic solutions to all FEHM problems in oil and petrochemical facilities, Aviation and other high risk industries.

Established in 2009, the Disaster Management arm of the organisation, boast of highly skilled internationally recognised team of experts with comprehensive expertise knowledge, to plan, train, control and manage large scale disaster events of national and international significance.

The Company

Fire-Bow prides itself as offering a high-quality and cost-effective complete Turnkey Fire & Rescue Solution.

Services includes Fire and explosion Risk Assessment, the recruitment, training and provision of all cadre of Fire personnel, and the development of internationally accredited operating standards, operational asset procurement, and asset and facilities management.

Whether you are looking for a total solution, or only parts of our services, Fire-Bow, working with their UK Partners - AssetCo can outsource contracts tailored specifically to your requirements. Fire-Bow boasts to have the experience organisations need in order to achieve the best in fire prevention, protection and emergency response.

Investor Relations

Fire-Bow is a top-of-the-range first rate Fire And Explosion Hazard Management Organisation which is principally involved in the provision of management of fire and safety risks, related training and management of resources to the fire and emergency services in Nigeria. With our international Partners AssetCo Fire And Rescue PLc, we are able to provide consultancy and operational expertise as well as a full service outsourcing Fire and Rescue operation for the State Governments.