A World-Class Fire and Explosions Hazard Management Service Provider

Fire-Bow has wide range of experience in the Integration of humanitarian/environmental assistance for:

  • Environmental/man-made disasters.
  • Management of toxic waste spills.
  • River pollution, dam collapse, structural collapse, etc.
  • Natural disasters with environmental consequences.
  • Environmental Disaster Services.
  • Identification/evaluation of secondary impacts such as damage to oil and gas/chemical installation, damage arising from floods, etc.
  • Liaison for deployment of international environmental experts.
  • Call-up specialists available for – air/water/ground pollution, chemicals, natural resources, geology, radiation, toxic waste, and technical analysis.

At Fire-Bow, we have developed world class methods, processes, and procedures needed to minimize the impact of a disaster upon information, and data required for critical business processes. This includes guidelines on activities required to restore systems, operations, and the business to the conditions that prevailed prior to the disaster. We also provide our clients well-written and properly tested plan that allows recovery personnel to administer recovery efforts that result in a timely restoration of services.