A World-Class Fire and Explosions Hazard Management Service Provider

Fire Brigade Response-Readiness Studies

Further examples of our consultancy services include:

  • Fire brigade response-readiness studies.
  • Inspection services.
  • Fire water requirement studies.
  • Fire brigade competency assessments.
  • Delivery of seminars.
  • Be-Spoke Workshops and exercises by Fire-Bow SMEs.
  • Stand-by capacity for rapid-onset disasters.
  • Facilitation of simulation exercises in order to validate ER plans.

Development of crisis management frameworks for crisis management capability Fire and Explosions Hazard Management (FEHM) for high-risk industries.

Fire Equipment Maintenance Management

Working with our key partners purpose-built Fire equipment maintenance software, Fire-Bow can help organizes all maintenance items in your plant or facilities, record preventive and corrective tasks and manage all material spares interchangeability issues. We help create and monitor your own maintenance KPIs

We help ensure that you always have your equipment list inventoried and organized with daily maintenance management with alerts. We go the extra mile to do a thorough cost control and powerful analysis status with Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).


Implementing an efficient Preventive maintenance strategy with Fire-Bow reduces breakdowns and reduces overall costs!


We are involved in the management of your Fire safety and firefighting equipment ideal for Industry, buildings, fleet and cater for your maintenance services.


Our goal is to show-case the know-how we have acquired and developed over several years in maintenance of Fire Safety and firefighting equipment business.


We are here to provide Fire-Bow clients personalized technical maintenance support service. Each client has a dedicated technical account manager.


We also provide customized technical, economical and organizational indicators compliant with regulations