A World-Class Fire and Explosions Hazard Management Service Provider

Training & Standards

  • Fire Team Professional Development Training.
  • Fire Officer Progression and Competency development.
  • Disaster Management Training.
  • Fire and Emergency Services Higher Education (FESHE) Program.
  • Mass Casualty Rescue Training.
  • Communication Efficiency training.
  • Control Room Procedure.

We develop model for an integrated, competency-based system of fire and emergency services professional development.

  • Develop model for an integrated system for competency-based training.
  • Model for applying Inter-Operability to Professional Development.

Training & Fire Brigade Competency Development

  • Development of FESHE Model Curriculum.
  • General Fire Safety Education Courses.
  • Building Competency-Based FESHE Programs.
  • International Professional Development Matrix.
  • Hydraulics and water supplies.
  • Foam Concentrate Testing.
  • Pumps and Primers.
  • STANDARD Tests for firefighting equipment.